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Delivery Driver Appreciation Post 🚐

Happy Holidays to all my crafty friends!

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. Well… this year has been a hot mess! So, I am wishing all of you lots of love and light in 2021. I am looking forward to a great 2021. Yep… I’m putting it out in the Universe. It will be a great year. ❀️

Like many of you, I have been working from home since March. I am in IT and we worked throughout the whole quarantine. The company I work for has decided to make my position remote, permanently. With that in mind, I have been working on creating a home office that has a professional and productive vibe. Cozy, but still looks like an office during work calls. With shopping in-person limited, I have been shopping more online than ever before.

During quarantine and after, we also have used DoorDash more than ever before. (I normally only used DoorDash when I was traveling for work) In Michigan we are on pause again, so no in-person dining. It is starting to get cold, so we starting using DoorDash again. During a late night scrolling session, I saw a FB post about how a family put out snacks and drinks for the delivery drivers, Amazon, FedEx, UPS drivers, USPS mail carriers, basically anyone who is working to make sure we get what we need. We ALWAYS leave a great tip for all our services, but I never knew how to show appreciation to our drivers. I wave when I see them, but when I saw the FB post, I figured they might like snacks more. 😁

I went to Dollar Tree and found a cute red bucket. It is small, but it is big enough to hold a few items. I bought Red Bull, Gatorade and Starbucks espresso in a can. I bought some Kind bars and Nutri-grain bars.

I made a quick printable on regular printer paper and laminated it. I just taped it to the bucket. Click the button below if you want to download the free pdf. I made this print out for the holidays, but I will make another one for after the new year.

Delivery Driver Appreciation Sign
Delivery Driver Appreciation Sign

There is very little sun in Michigan lately, but I was able to grab at least one pic. I hope they know we appreciate them. To all the drivers out there, stay safe and thank you so much for all you do!

Delivery Driver Appreciation Sign pin
It's Craftini Time

Cricut vs. Silhouette – Which subscription is right for you?

Hey Crafty Friends!

If you know me, you know I have a gadget buying problem. 😫 I love me some gadgets! All kinds! But, I really love cutting machines. I think I have had every version of both the Cricut and the Silhouette cutting machines. So, I often get asked “which one should I buy?” It is a hard question to answer with out going into a lot of detail.

It really depends on what you will be making with it. Each machine machine has its strengths and weaknesses. Since there are many videos on YouTube that compare them, I won’t dive into that.

Once you purchased your machine, the next question is: Do I buy the subscription? Each machine comes with a trial subscription and most people are so new to using the machine they don’t get to take full advantage of it. Once it expires, you are left to determine which way to go. Purchase what you need, when you need it or start a subscription.

There is so much to consider when purchasing a subscription. I wanted to do a video that explains it as best as possible, without ya’ll getting the “deer in the headlights look”

I figured the best way is a PowerPoint presentation. lol πŸ€“ I know it sounds crazy, but I feel it is the best way to provide folks with a lot of information. Click HERE or watch below.

I hope this video help you. As always, feel free to leave questions in the comments.

~ Marla

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DoodleBug Designs: I ❀️ Travel – Mini Album

Hi Crafty Friends!

I finally made my first mini album! YAY! 😁 I love mini albums and have been watching TONS of YouTube videos to learn how to make one. Then, the other day I was in my local scrapbook store and I found the new Doodlebug Designs: I ❀️Travel paper collection. It is so cute! I thought the paper would be perfect for a mini album.

I decided to followed one of Rosa Kelly’s Scrapbooking tutorials, here is the exact one I followed. She is a great teacher. I really learned a lot and I think it turned out great.

Doodlebug Designs: I Heart Travel Mini Album

Here is the project share video, if you want to see the flip through.

Doodlebug Designs: I Heart Travel Mini Album – Project Share

I thought I would add a few pictures of the pages below.

You can order the 12×12 paper pack here:

Thanks for stopping by


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3 Mini Purse Treat Bags

Hey Crafty Friends!

I am totally obsessed with these cute little purse treat bags! I will definitely be making more of these! These bags would be awesome as party favors or gift card holders. There are so many things that you could use these treat bags for.

I found these designs in the Silhouette Design Store. I purchased them with the svg file and then brought them into Cricut Design Space to cut them with my Cricut. In an earlier post I used the same method to make a little basket for my Peeps candy. There is a bit of clean up needed for most files that you bring into Cricut Design Space, but once you do it, it is worth it.

These treat bags are really easy to assemble. I found that there were only a few pieces to each bag. Which is always nice. Since you are using an svg file, you are able to increase or decrease the size of the treat bag to fit your need.

In the project share video below, you can see more details on the treat bags.

3 Mini Purse Treat Bags – Project Share Video

Here are the file ID numbers for the designs in the Silhouette Design Store.

  • “LV” tote 292684
  • Digital Paper Pattern for “LV” bag 292686
  • “Dior” purse πŸ‘œ292683
  • “Chanel” bag 292682

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please leave any questions below or on the YouTube video.


3 Mini Purse Treat Bags
It's Craftini Time

New Content Coming – Tech Talk Tuesday’s and more

Hey Crafty Friends!

I have been working on ideas for some new content for the YouTube channel and here on the blog. I recently filmed a channel update video, you can check it out here or below. I would like to start including some videos on tech tips, something like “Tech Talk Tuesday”. I am a total tech geek! πŸ€“

To start, I will post a “Tech Talk Tuesday” at least once a month, but maybe more if you have a specific subject you would like for me to cover. If I am knowledgeable on the topic, I will either post a video with some information or maybe even a quick tutorial. I thought I would start with some simple topics, specifically for the crafters that are starting on YouTube, IG (The Gram) and even venturing out and starting a blog.

I would also like to start posting some planning videos. I recently purchased some new planners/journals and I am trying to get a daily routine down. I want to be able to continue adding new content on a regular basis, while still working my full-time 9-5 job. I am an IT Project Manager, so planning is kinda my jam.

If there is any specific tech topics you would like me to cover, feel free to drop a comment here or on the YouTube video. On a final note, I did get the Facebook page up and going, so you can also reach me there.

Thanks for stopping by.