It's Craftini Time

New Content Coming – Tech Talk Tuesday’s and more

Hey Crafty Friends!

I have been working on ideas for some new content for the YouTube channel and here on the blog. I recently filmed a channel update video, you can check it out here or below. I would like to start including some videos on tech tips, something like “Tech Talk Tuesday”. I am a total tech geek! 🤓

To start, I will post a “Tech Talk Tuesday” at least once a month, but maybe more if you have a specific subject you would like for me to cover. If I am knowledgeable on the topic, I will either post a video with some information or maybe even a quick tutorial. I thought I would start with some simple topics, specifically for the crafters that are starting on YouTube, IG (The Gram) and even venturing out and starting a blog.

I would also like to start posting some planning videos. I recently purchased some new planners/journals and I am trying to get a daily routine down. I want to be able to continue adding new content on a regular basis, while still working my full-time 9-5 job. I am an IT Project Manager, so planning is kinda my jam.

If there is any specific tech topics you would like me to cover, feel free to drop a comment here or on the YouTube video. On a final note, I did get the Facebook page up and going, so you can also reach me there.

Thanks for stopping by.