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Importing svg files from Silhouette Design Store to Cricut Design Space

Hey Crafty Friends,

Today I wanted to discuss importing svg files from Silhouette Design Store (SDS) into Cricut Design Space (CDS).  I recently needed to create a birthday card with popcorn on it.  😊  While browsing through CDS, I quickly realized there were not many popcorn designs.  Now just a disclaimer…I love my Cricut machine and if there were a better selection of designs, I won’t even own a Silhouette machine.  But, the Silhouette Design Store features many more designs, from many more designers.  At one time I did have an Access Subscription, but I own lots of Cricut cartridges and I didn’t feel it was worth it.

In the past year or so the SDS has included an option to purchase the design file as an svg.  Prior to this, the design was in the Silhouette Design Software format and was not able to be imported into CDS.  There were a few workarounds to format it into an svg, but they were all very time consuming.

Now you can pay a little bit more and you can have both files.  No conversion needed.  Now on to the card.

For this card I used system fonts and flattened the wording to create a print and cut.  I imported the popcorn design, sized it up and cut it out.

Popcorn Birthday Card

I really like the way it came out.  ❤️ 🍿

Here is a quick project share video. Thanks for stopping by.


Importing SVG’s into Cricut Design Space