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My First Kickstarter Experience – I adopted a Doodlesaur 😁

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter it is a huge crowdfunding platform for creative projects.

You can use Kickstarter to fund any project you can dream of games, tech, crafts, even get help to make a documentary! Kickstarter’s stated mission is to “help bring creative projects to life”.

How it works is, each project sets a funding goal and a deadline to meet the goal. If the project gets fully funded, it’s a go. In each project it will usually list several options to choose from. Your pledge can be as little as $1 towards the project or a little bit more for a completed project. Most projects offer “early bird” pricing, if you are an early adopter, you can get a lower price to receive the completed project.

There are a couple of things to beware of… if the project does not get fully funded it is a no-go. You do not lose your money, so all is still good in the world. But, there has also been cases where a project has been fully funded and the product just does not see the light of day. No bueno 😫

I am a techie person, so I am looking for cool new gadgets. I have always wanted to give a pledge to one of the projects, but I was worried I would lose my money. Usually, these are strangers and even thou it might only be $20… I worked hard for my $20 lol

I follow Joibot Studio on Instagram and she is always posting the cutest stuff. She announced she was starting a Kickstarter project to create Doodlesaur Plushies. I checked it out and to “Adpot a Doodlesaur” it was $28. For $28 dollars, you get a Doodlesaur Plush and a vinyl sticker. I was like “SWEET!” I don’t personally know Ericka from Joibot, but I had followed her for awhile and had a good feeling it would be all good. I also thought this might be a good way to check out the Kickstarter experience, with a little less risk.

It was all good 🤓 She sent regular updates after the campaign was over as to when we would receive our cute Doodlesuars. Overall, it was a great experience and got a cute Doodlesaur that will now live in my craft room.

Below is the unboxing video, check it out.

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